Permanent Protection of the Sacred Headwaters

Fund the next phase of our effort to permanently protect the Sacred Headwaters Region of the Amazon Rainforest.

About the Campaign

In our 20th year, Pachamama Alliance is embarking on a new phase of our work in the Amazon rainforest of central and southern Ecuador and northern Peru where we have been working for the past two decades. With our indigenous partners and other non-governmental organizations, we are beginning a multi-year project to secure permanent protected status of these areas—which will include indigenous management of the key social, economic, and political aspects of the area and include a complete ban on all industrial-level extractive activities.

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How we will bring about permanent protection

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Leveraging 20 Years of Effective Partnership

20 years ago, the Achuar people of the Ecuadorian Amazon reached out to us for partnership in protecting their land and culture from oil extraction. Now we will work toward permanent protection of this area in collaboration with the Achuar and other indigenous groups who live there, local governments, and interested local and international non-governmental organizations.

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Supporting Indigenous People to Defend their Territories

The most effective way to protect forests is to support indigenous rights. For 20 years we've made sure that indigenous communities depending on the Amazon rainforest have the resources they need to make informed decisions about their territories as oil and other extractive industries encroach upon their land. In order to permanently protect this area, we will increase our support of indigenous management of the social, economic, and political activities of the area.

Empowering Women for Healthy Communities

Healthy indigenous communities are critical to protecting the rainforest. Since 2006, our Jungle Mamas program has been working in indigenous communities to ensure safe birthing practices, maternal and newborn health, as well as to promote the empowerment of women and overall community health and well-being. We will continue and expand this program to strengthen current and future generations of rainforest guardians.

Changing the Dream of the Modern World

20 years ago we received a mandate from the Achuar to change the dream of the modern world. For those living in the modern world, change at home must continue to occur in order to permanently protect the sacred headwaters of the Amazon. It’s up to all of us and support from the global community is vital. Through our educational programs, we will continue to awaken, educate, connect and engage a critical mass of conscious people committed to bringing forth an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling, socially just human presence on this planet.

Immersing Small Groups at the Invitation of the Achuar

We journey at the request of our indigenous partners who invite us to visit and learn from their ancient cultures and pristine rainforest so that we may carry their wisdom and message home. Continuing our Pachamama Journeys program means that more people will discover the sacredness of this region and connect with the people who call this region home. Pachamama Journeys also continue to be a viable alternative to extractive industries and generate a critical income for indigenous communities.

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